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We have many years of experience servicing and repairing home stereos, surround sound systems and related equipment.

We repair both newer and vintage stereo and surround sound system issues.

Such as no sound, distorted sound, crackling, scratchy controls, sound dropping out and just about any other issue you may be experiencing in your audio system.

We as well repair turntables and tape recorders both cassette and reel to reel.

No matter what your repair needs are we have got you covered. Basically if you can plug it in and make music or sound with it chances are we work on it.

Our specialty is service calls and onsite service ... in other words we come to you.

Bench repair service is also available and we do accept shipped in items from anywhere in the country.

Stereo & Surround Sound gear repair and setup.

We have been servicing home stereo equipment since the 1970’s and surround sound systems since they first hit the market.

Vintage stereo receiver

So whether your equipment is old school or new school we have the experience to meet your repair needs.

While we do offer bench repairs our main focus these days is onsite service calls to your location.

We repair receivers, amplifiers, consoles, equalizers, pre amps, turntables, record players, reel to reel and cassette recorders.

As well if you are swapping out some gear and need help getting it set up and running we will gladly come out to your location and help get your system sorted out and set for you.

Please note all work is by appointment, sorry but we cannot accommodate walk ins.

Stereo system repair

We repair all makes and models of home stereo's here and I have personally been doing stereo repair since the mid 70's a lot has changed over the years but a lot remains the same as well in that our customers rely on us to get the best sound possible in the course of repairing their stereo equipment.

Need repair on older home stereo equipment? No problem, some of the older equipment has better sound than a lot of what is currently available and is well worth repairing. Of course when we do a home stereo repair on older equipment parts do become an issue from time to time, but we have a lot of sources and can usually dig up what we need to get your stereo repair accomplished. So old equipment or the newest thing... We can repair it and repair it right.

Please also visit our page on Vintage console stereo repair.

All Service Musical, quality service you can count on …All Service Musical, quality service you can count on …
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