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We specialize in the repair of electronic sound equipment and related products.

Jukebox repair and service provided at your location … Serving Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Clackamas, Vancouver and all points between.

Our specialty is service calls and onsite service ... in other words we come to you.

Jukebox service and repair

Servicing jukeboxes from names like Wurlitzer, Seeburg, RockOla, Rowe AMI, NSM, and others.

I offer on-location service at your home, game room, or place of business, on most all makes, models, and styles of vintage and modern jukeboxes.

Internals of a Wurlitzer jukebox

This includes modern day "retro" jukeboxes to commercial units.. From the old 78 RPM units, 45 players to the current CD players

Repair of selector mechanisms, carriage and transfer mechanisms, and amplifiers, from jukeboxes using tube-type, transistor, or more modern integrated circuitry.

Note: Jukeboxes are a service call only item due to their size and sensitivity to being moved around.

Older and newer jukeboxes alike are really a marvel of engineering using rather sophisticated and ingenious technology for the time they were built.

Older jukeboxes in particular often have 100 or more mechanically operated relay type contact points as these become dirty and oxidized over time they can cause a wide variety of operational issues in your jukebox which can encompass audio issues, carriage issues, record transport issues, coin credit issues and record selection issues to name a few. These mechanical switches are typically scattered throughout the unit and encompass a variety of often rather ingenious mechanically operated switching schemes.

Most of these older mechanical switches found in jukeboxes incorporate solenoids and often the plungers in the solenoids will get sticky or sometimes completely stuck which will make the associated switches intermittent or sometimes completely inoperable. As well some of these electromechanical switches also provide timing functions and the distance between the contacts can change over time and mess up the timing of the switching.

Then of course there are often a number of switches in the front panel selector system that can cause issues with not being able to play all selections on your jukebox, but as well since these units allow for multiple selections to be made there is most often a electromechanically operated memory system which you guessed it has even more solenoids and switches incorporated into it.

Of course having a great many mechanical parts involved requires things to be properly lubricated and over time lubrication dries up and sometimes becomes gooey as well slowing or sometimes completely binding mechanisms. It is rare we get called out to service one of these that they do not have at least some problems that can be attributed to lubrication issues.

Lastly these all have electronic circuits which can develop issues, capacitor and rectifier issues seem to be the most common electronic failures in jukeboxes, but like all electronic devices component failures seem to come in a variety of flavors.

Please note all work is by appointment, sorry but we cannot accommodate walk ins.

If you are looking for a jukebox repairman in Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver, Clackamas or actually just about anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Portland Oregon … Get in touch with us so we can get your jukebox issues sorted out for you so you can once again enjoy your machine.

All Service Musical, quality service you can count on …All Service Musical, quality service you can count on …
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